Visual Studio 2008 build version 9.0.21022.08

Mon, November 19, 2007, 03:11 AM under Orcas | VisualStudio
All MSDN subscribers can now down load the final RTM version of Visual Studio 2008. If you are not an MSDN subscriber, I guess this is a great incentive to join right now :-p

If you are looking for what is great in VS2008 compared to VS2005 go read my Top 10 hyperlinked list.

If you have been driving VS 2008 Beta 2 for a while and are wondering what is new in RTM then the answer is primarily bug fixes and performance boosts. Two (out of many) quick examples: I noticed many bug fixes for WPF projects and performance improvements not just in the WPF designer but also in script intellisense. There are also some minor enhancements and some aesthetic and usability improvements for example some windows render better on low resolutions such as the Client Application Services dialog. Another is that the UAC Settings option which was previously erroneously available for Office projects (instead of just executables) is now correctly disabled. Finally, we now get an Upgrade button on the About dialog:

I'll cover more of these Beta2->RTM changes over the next 2 days, so check back.