Code Camps in the UK

Sun, November 18, 2007, 06:13 AM under Events
In the US they run these things called Code Camps which essentially are a 1-day community conference. If it rings a bell with my UK friends, it should: That is where we borrowed the whole idea of DDD. Spot the similarities in this very useful checklist for Code Camps.

The main difference with DDD in the UK is that the delegates vote for the sessions beforehand and that no Microsoft employees are welcome to present/speak (this is not true for other code camps in the UK such as WebDD and SQLBits). Is there anyone out there that has attended one of these things on both sides of the pond? Is there anyone out there that does this sort of thing in their own country (not UK or US)? I think there is room for evolution which can be expedited by sharing cross the borders...

Anyway, besides not being allowed to present, I will be around mingling at DDD6 on Saturday 24th (as promised), so I look forward to saying "hello" to many of you in the UK reading this blog... I hope you return me the favour and if you do ask me about ClientDD or ToolsDD :-)