Sun, January 15, 2006, 01:56 PM under MobileAndEmbedded
While today we are on v2 of the .NET Compact Framework (2.0.5238.0), you can of course have v1.0 (there never was a v1.1) side by side on the target.

NETCF v1 had three service packs and the SP3 version number is 1.0.4292.0 (for the full list of version numbers and how to determine what is on your target see this).

So it was a surprise to me when I run cgacutil.exe (in the Windows directory) on my jasjar and it reported the correct v2 version but a new (to me) v1 version: 1.0.4292.2

It turns out (thanks Nazim Lala) that revision 2 is specific to Windows Mobile 5.0 (a loader security fix).

When I created a v1 app and run it on the device the plot thickened: my call to System.Environment.Version.ToString() returned 1.0.4292.0 – so which is correct, the API or cgacutil?

The answer is both. From an end user/developer point of view, nothing has changed so the hard-coded version returned by the API remains (by design) the same (thanks Jeremy Hance).

(so now you know :-)

Best of "The Moth" 2005

Sun, January 1, 2006, 12:53 PM under Personal
Intro same as the one from exactly a year ago (replace 2004 with 2005). Chronologically again, here they are:

01. A sample of a great VS2005 feature.

02. The A to Z for troubleshooting your netcf memory issues.

03. With 2006 slated as the year of mobility, all you desktop gurus start catching up.

04. Not something you'll use everyday, but cool nonetheless.

05. There is still no great answer, but you can read about all your options for web serving with netcf.

06. ThreadPool differences between full and CF v1 framework and how CF v2 brings parity.

07. Just so my poor VB6 friends know they can do polymorphism without implementation inheritance.

08. While personally I think MSFT needs one more version before they dominate the phone OS market, if you are starting today, check out my smartphone quickstart.

09. mscorlib trivia (even though I wrote that drunk as a skunk ;-)

10. VB.NET compiles to IL badly.

11. WindowsMobile.Forms class diagram.

12. ‘Partial types’ usage.

13. Commentary on the .NET moniker being dropped.

14. Shameful plug to my msdn article.

15. Generic type parameter vs. System.Type

16. Getting started with netcf development for full framework developers.

Thanks for staying tuned. Roll on 2006...