Blog link of the week 41

Sun, October 16, 2005, 02:39 PM under Links
- Even though not a guy by any stretch of imagination, I still find this quite cool

- Remoting -> Indigo

- Did you know you can add solutions to solutions?

- Ilya Tumanov provides the A to Z on netcf v2.0 cab files

- Follow the links to get Virtual Earth for your Windows Mobile :-)

Speaking at DDD II

Sun, October 9, 2005, 04:08 PM under Events
See you at Microsoft's premises in Reading, on Saturday 22nd October!

I missed the first one but will be there at the 2nd one-day UK conference: DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper II (for the US readers, this is like a code camp - a free conference from developers for developers)

If you are going, make sure you drop by my sessions and heckle :-) Apologies if you are expecting mobility topics, this time I am talking about tools:
- Class Designer in VS2005
- Debugging Enhancements in VS2005

The first one is currently scheduled after lunch; the second is the last session of the day. I am thinking of going through both talks with demos only and zero slides. What do you think?

Blog link of the week 40

Sun, October 9, 2005, 03:36 PM under Links
Not quite recovered from Seattle yet and there are still 5337 unread blog entries in my reader, but here are two that caught my eye

- For those of us that missed PDC: What's new in GC v2.0

- How would anyone guess this without reading the manual ?!