Parallel Computing Platform Developer Lab

Sat, March 13, 2010, 05:20 AM under Events | ParallelComputing

This is an exciting announcement that I must share:

"Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism, in collaboration with the Microsoft Parallel Computing Platform product team, is hosting a developer lab at the Platform Adoption Center on April 12-15, 2010.  This event is for Microsoft Partners and Customers seeking to incorporate either .NET Framework 4 or Visual C++ 2010 parallelism features into their new or existing applications, and to gain expertise with new Visual Studio 2010 tools including the Parallel Tasks and Parallel Stacks debugger toolwindows, and the Concurrency Visualizer in the profiler.

Opportunities for attendees include:

  • Gain expert design assistance with your Parallel Computing Platform based solution.
  • Develop a solution prototype in collaboration with Microsoft Software Engineers.
  • Attend topical presentations and “chalk-talk” sessions.
  • Your team will be assigned private, secure offices for confidential collaboration activities.

The event has limited capacity, thus enrollment is based on an application process.   Please download and complete the application form then return it to the event management team per instructions included within the form.  Applications will be evaluated based upon the technical solution scenario along with indicated project readiness timelines.  Microsoft event management team members may contact you directly for additional clarification and discussion of your project scenario during the nomination process."

Slides and code for MPI Cluster Debugger

Tue, March 2, 2010, 07:01 AM under ParallelComputing | HPC
I've blogged before about the MPI Cluster Debugger in VS2010 that facilitates launching the application on the cluster and attaching the debugger (btw, a shorter version of the screencast I link to there, is here).

There have been requests for the code I use in the screencast, so please find a ZIP with that code.

There have also been requests for a PowerPoint deck to use when showing this feature to others. Feel free to download some slides I threw together the other day.