Visual Studio Async CTP

Sun, October 31, 2010, 06:30 PM under Links

While most of the buzz at the recent PDC here at Microsoft's headquarters has been about Windows Azure and Windows Phone, there is a truly noteworthy technology that as a .NET developer (of any kind of application) you should pay attention to, even in its early technology preview stage: Visual Studio Async CTP.

I could provide many more direct links, but you do not need them: just visit the home page of this technology to download whitepapers, watch videos on how this technology integrates with C# and with VB, (through the new async and await language keywords) as well as videos on how the technology works under the covers (based largely on the Task Parallel Library). More importantly, download the actual bits (they install on top of your Visual Studio 2010), which include many samples. Get ready for a revolution in Asynchronous Programming with C# and Visual Basic.