PDC2008: Can you afford not to be there?

Wed, September 24, 2008, 03:05 PM under Events
When I previously blogged about PDC, I hinted that in addition to the pre-conference and the 4 breakout sessions, there would be "even more on the final day of PDC" from the Parallel Computing Platform. The details are now public: make sure you attend the 3 additional sessions of the Parallel Computing symposium on
"A Detailed Look at How Multi-Core Architectures will Unleash Computing Power and Enable Innovation"

Beyond parallelism, we also published additional Windows 7 sessions (inc. a keynote), 2 of which you can see on a screenshot of my partial agenda:

(note to self: next time I submit a session, make sure it starts with quotes so it appears first on the alphabetical list of sessions ;))

Finally, for the swag-oriented amongst you, the motivation comes in the form of a 160GB USB 2 hard drive (which include pre-Beta bits of Windows 7 plus more)! I asked, and presenters won't receive the drive apparently... oh well...

Register now and see you in the city of angels.