Vista: ActiveSync replacement

Fri, June 16, 2006, 08:57 AM under MobileAndEmbedded
There was a pleasant surprise on Windows Update this morning, a Beta update of the Windows Mobile Device Center that I talked about last month. After downloading it I captured some screenshots below (some are behind the hyperlinks and others inline with the body).

First connect a WM device or you'll get different screenshots since the UI options are visible only when applicable.

First screen offers us two options. The first one sets up the partnership and the second looks like this:

Hovering over any of the 4 areas, exposes further options: Programs and Services, Pictures Music and Video, File Management and Mobile Device Settings.

The Programs and Services option has two sub-options: One takes you to the windowsmobile home page on; the other option allows you to add/remove programs via this dialog:

The Pictures Music and Video option has 3 sub-options: one shows you how many "new pictures/video clips are available for import"; the last one launches a wizard from Media Player so you can "add media to your device from windows media player"; the middle option offers the following dialog "picture video import settings":

The File Management option doesn't seem to have changed from the one I captured last time.

The Mobile Device Settings option shows connection settings and of course the one we've all been waiting for: Setting up partnership (which I'll have more on later :-)