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Tue, November 10, 2009, 07:27 PM under ParallelComputing | HPC
I've already described how to setup a Windows HPC Server for development. Before you dive into developing for the cluster, if you are new to this it is probably a good idea to learn the basics by reading some overview material. Below is a list of links.

Direct Links to Windows HPC content
1. Windows HPC Server 2008 Overview Datasheet (4 page pdf).

2. Windows HPC Server 2008 Technical Overview (32 page doc).

3. Windows HPC Server 2008 Getting Started Guide (26 page doc) which actually is available online as part of the TechNet technical library section on Windows HPC Server 2008, which includes much more useful data.

4. Windows HPC Server 2008 Job Scheduler (38 page doc).
5. Windows HPC Server 2008 Job Templates (56 page doc).

6. Developing for the Windows HPC Server 2008 Platform (16 page doc or pdf version).

Windows HPC sites
7. Windows HPC Forums.

8. HPC Developer Resources.

9. Windows HPC Server 2008 Resource Kit - Developer.

10. Windows HPC Server 2008 - TechNet.

11. The Windows HPC Team Blog.

HPC Course
12. High-Performance Computing Fundamentals Course (pluralisight)
13. Classic HPC Development using Visual C++ (course slides and materials in a ZIP). Author's blog post.
14. From sequential to parallel code (course slides and materials in a ZIP). Author's blog post.

Next time I will post resources specific to the most popular programming models for the cluster today: MPI and Cluster SOA - until then, happy reading!
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