Very long first MEDC day

Wed, May 11, 2005, 12:10 AM under Random
Keynote by William Gates was *packed*! Windows Mobile 5.0 codename Magneto finally released. Search for links as the news should be all over the place by now...

Following that, an interesting panel discussion on building mobile applications went well...

One of the highlights of the day was lunch with members of the NETCF and VSD teams... I must have spent an hour complaining about bugs and missing features... I forgot to tell them how much I love the platform and the great work they do but I am sure they know that ;-)

For the next two timeslots I was not attending a session as I supported the self-paced hands on labs (part of the price you pay for getting admitted free as an MVP... small price if you ask me :-)

After that I attended an interesting session in an area I have no experience and, if I am honest, no immediate interest: "Game Development Using Managed Direct3D Mobile with the .NET Compact Framework"

Finally, one of the highlights of the day was "Memory Architecture in the .NET Compact Framework". I was looking forward to this session and I certainly was not disappointed. Fantastic info!

Then I hung around at the "Ask the Experts" session while consuming food and alcohol... at the same time the Exhibition opened so it was time to collect all the freebies...

The day ended with a screening of the code room... very funny :-D

Of course, the most beneficial aspect is the impromptu conversations held with various MSFT and MVP guys (and girls)... There are some real smart people here!

Due to some weird alcohol spillage that I will not go into, I cannot get photos from my camera onto this laptop and it is too late here so I'll be looking into it tomorrow... there will be photos tomorrow I promise!
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