Tue, May 10, 2005, 12:08 AM under dotNET
Can you think about the amount of information that is part of your knowledge and account for it in terms of where you found out and how you consider it as common knowledge? Well, it turns out there is some stuff in my head that I thought everyone knew but it is not true. So I might as well capture it here on my blog.

What does mscorlib stand for? Stop reading! Don’t look for the answer, just try and work out the answer. What does the main dll of .the NET Framework stand for? What was the codename or first candidate name if you like, for C#? Well here are my answers (this is just my understanding which I cannot track back to a reference!):

C# and the design of this new .NET language ws COOL! More importantly, mscorlib has 3 parts to its name: ms cor lib.
ms: Magnificent Software (ok, it is Microsoft :-)
lib: as you expect this means library
cor: Before .NET was chosen as the name, this new platform was a successor to COM so it was codenamed COM 3.0 and then the name chosen was… Common Object Runtime (cor) and that is where mscorlib derives its name from (and that stuck regardless of the fact that .NET was the final name)!

So, now you know ;-) And if you knew already now you have something to point to!