Brighton Winter Awards Ceremony

Fri, February 11, 2005, 04:40 PM under Personal
I was there! Not something to brag about (and I am not), but I had to be there to watch Jenny receive her degree. After 4 years of non-MSFT development I managed to convert her to .NET and that is what she focused on during her MSc course. By the way, she is not looking for a job anymore; got one a month ago and it is going well.

Anyway, after around 11 hours in town drinking and celebrating, I wonder how badly hangover I’ll be tomorrow. Have you tried programming while drunk? It is interesting, and I must admit VB seems easier in that state: you just type and it corrects silly mistakes (that you don’t do when sober) as well as point errors much earlier in the process (background compiler has always been my number one VB feature).

Just noticed that I am rambling and I promised myself not to do that on my blog… too much… so goodnight folks... talk to you on Sunday as usual.
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