VBUG and SharePoint

Thu, February 10, 2005, 03:06 PM under Events
This evening was the time for yet another local VBUG meeting. This time the subject was SharePoint (you know, web parts and all that). I have not touched ASP.NET since 2001 (and even then it was only for a month writing proof of concept projects) and before tonight I couldn’t spell SharePoint, so I went with a total newbie mindset.

Jonathan with his "code monkey" (Nick Francis) gave a good show and now I feel I can talk about the subject a bit. What was more interesting with today’s session is that at times it drifted into a chat and quite a few “asides”. Not sure what the others made of that, but I think that is what local user groups are all about: free-form exchange of ideas.

At the end I had a chat with Ian (organiser) and arranged to hold a session for VBUG either in Brighton (March) or Horsham (April). Full details will be on this blog nearer to the time, but you can guess what the subject will be, right?