CF 2.0 Performance Statistics revisited

Tue, December 28, 2004, 10:57 AM under MobileAndEmbedded
In the past, I have talked about the performance counters for CF 1.0 apps, including a list of the new counters that CF 2.0 adds (based on the VS2005 Beta 1). It seems that with the November CTP the list has changed again. Rather than list what has changed from Beta 1 or comparing it with what we have today with NETCF 1.0, I give you the complete list. Notice that some of today's counters have been removed (e.g. "Execution Engine Startup Time") and some have clearer names (e.g. "Peak Bytes Allocated (native + managed)"). Finally, before we look at the list, note that the statistics file has changed from mscoree.stat to ExeName.stat

List of perf counters with the November CTP of CF 2.0:
Total Program Run Time (ms)
App Domains Created
App Domains Unloaded
Assemblies Loaded
Classes Loaded
Uncontested Monitor.Enter Calls
Contested Monitor.Enter Calls
Threads in Thread Pool
Pending Timers
Scheduled Timers
Timers Delayed by Thread Pool Limit
Work Items Queued
Peak Bytes Allocated (native + managed)
Managed Objects Allocated
Managed Bytes Allocated
Garbage Collections (GC)
Bytes Collected By GC
Managed Bytes In Use After GC
Total Bytes In Use After GC
GC Compactions
Code Pitchings
Calls to GC.Collect
GC Latency Time (ms)
Pinned Objects
Objects Moved by Compactor
Objects Not Moved by Compactor
Objects Finalized
Boxed Value Types
Process Heap
Short Term Heap
Jit Heap
App Domain Heap
GC Heap
Native Bytes Jitted
Methods Jitted
Bytes Pitched
Methods Pitched
Platform Invoke Calls
COM Calls Using a vtable
COM Calls Using IDispatch
Complex marshaling
Runtime Callable Wrappers
Socket Bytes Sent
Socket Bytes Received

UPDATE: Ask and you shall receive. Scott Holden gives us the official list based on the latest internal builds.
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