Performance Statistics for .NETcf apps in CF 2.0

Sun, August 8, 2004, 05:39 AM under MobileAndEmbedded

By creating on the device a registry key and editing a value under it one can have a file automatically created containing statistics for a .NET CF 1.0 application. For more info on this go here (the counters are also described here amongst other performance advise).

In CF 2.0 (that comes with VS2005 Beta 1) there are more statistics added. For a list of the 30 previous counters, which are still with us, I refer you to the two links already provided. Here is the list of the 23 new counters only (can broadly be grouped as Threading, GC, COM):

UPDATE: The list below has changed. See here

Number of Uncontested Monitor.Enter Calls
Number of Contested Monitor.Enter Calls
Number of recursive Monitor.Enter Calls
Number of threads in thread pool
Number of pending timers
Timer latency

Number of objects in block move
GC Number Of Mark Stack Overflows
GC Number Of PInvoke Args Encountered
GC Number Of Eval Stack Pointer Lookups
GC Number Of Object Pools Created
GC Number Of Pinned Objects
GC Number Of ByRef Types Encountered
GC Number Of Pinned ObjRefs
GC Number Of Items Pinned At JIT's Request
GC Number Of Normal ObjRefs
GC Number Of Objects Moved by Compactor
GC Number Of Objects Not Moved by Compactor

Number of Runtime Callable Wrappers
Total number of Runtime Callable Wrappers
Number of generated Com wrapper classes used by the system
Number of Com Methods
Number of Com Calls