Blog link of the week 08

Sun, February 27, 2005, 03:33 PM under Links
- After last week's BLOTW, it is only fair that I point to an MSFT response. There have been many more replies (I count at least 10 in my aggregator) so I will point you to one more, where you should read the comments in addition to the post.

- I was fairly confident I had nailed most of the differences between C# and VB in my head and then I came across a post on value type initialization. Another difference that is widely known is regarding interface implementation. It has been discussed before and is raised again here; if you think you can defend C#, please go comment (I am genuinely interested).

- Not sure if everybody is familiar with the versioning advice found here, but I am looking forward to "The Build Master".

- Some add-in is required to automatically create a BLOTW entry whenever Rico writes something new :-) Check out his latest, where he nails the differences between managed and unmanaged runtime performance.