Blog link of the week 07

Sun, February 20, 2005, 03:04 PM under Links
3 days ago a thread started on an internal list (which is still going) whose subject was enough to catch my attention (paraphrased here):
Richard Grimes gives up on .NET

On one side I am shocked, on the other his justification is not convincing (to me anyway). Either way it does make you stop and think so I reckon it deserves BLOTW even if it isn't strictly a blog link.

Oh, and if like Frans you are asking "Who's Richard Grimes", here is a small example of his work (Workshop on Fusion).

Richard better have something else planned. I make it a point to never leave something old without having something new lined up: be it a car/house/job/PC/woman etc... only joking about that last one :-D