Which .NET language?

Thu, September 30, 2004, 01:32 PM under dotNET
If you want to know how popular this question is, just search Google for VB vs. C#.

No flames please, this is just my view, if you disagree write about it in your own blog. I have given my real answer here.

Clearly, if you are a C++ person you'll go for C# (or stick with C++), mix the languages for existing apps and start new ones in C#. If you are a Java person you'll go for J# (or C#); I'd say go with C#, the syntax is so similar, why not develop in one of the top two managed languages. If you are a VB person you'll go for VB.NET or C#.

So the latter case deserves more attention. First let's filter out a couple of categories. If you just hate semicolons, curly braces etc then obviously you go with VB.NET; the dilemma does not apply. Remember, however, that you must be able to read C#. A lot of the opensource code, samples etc is in C# and it will hinder your career not even being able to read the language at least. Also, if you have not yet grasped Object-Orientation, VB.NET will make the transition easier than what C# would. If you are in any of these two categories that's great but don't stick with VB6, make the move to the .NET platform.

Now, why do VB6 developers (not belonging to the two aforementioned categories) move to C# (and it is a fact that some do). I give my answer to that question next time.