VB := C#

Wed, September 29, 2004, 10:21 AM under dotNET
There will always be the language zealots on both camps that will try to prove how VB is better than C#, or the other way round. Trust me: the differences are insignificant when it comes to choosing between one and the other, and this becomes even truer with Whidbey. If ever you really need a feature that only the other language offers, then just write a dll in that language and use it from your main project (or a .NET module if you want to take it that far). One day, hopefully, we'll be able to mix languages in the same C#/VB project (much like VC++2005 allows you to).

So we saw how C# is catching up with VB previously.

Here (in random order) is what VB is getting tomorrow, which C# already has today
1. unsigned types
2. using statement
3. custom events
4. operator overloading
5. continue statement
6. XML documentation comments
7. pre- post-build steps
8. static methods only accessible on class - not instance
9. hooking into control events from the props window
10. TryCast

Naturally they both get some of the top features of .NET 2.0
11. Generics
12. nullable types
13. accessor accessibility
14. advantage of code snippet technology

So will both camps be happy now? Don't be silly :-)
VB devs don't seem to really care about some new C#-only features (Static classes, iterators, anonymous methods, code definition window, OTB) but they want refactoring.

C# devs don't want My, but they sure are screaming about EnC.