my blog subscriptions

Thu, July 13, 2006, 06:23 PM under Links

Recently I trimmed down the number of blogs I subscribe to and will do that again over the next couple of weeks. It came to the point where there were always 3-5 thousand unread items in my aggregator... I could never catch up!

So on my quest to be more selective I faced the dilemma of what I do with group blogs. The same goes for aggregate blogs. (discussion for the difference between the two here)

Current plan is to split the group/aggregated feeds from the direct ones (i.e from the ones where a single person is blogging.. allegedly :-).

Goal will be to keep enough direct subscriptions so that by the end of each week I can say "I've caught up with all of them". Who knows, I might bring back my BLOTW feature (BLOTW 2004 and BLOTW 2005). Will share my OPML when I am done with the trimming...

As for the group and aggregate feeds that I subscribe to (I call them "mass feeds")... they will be in a separate area and will only be scanned occasionally rather than read thoroughly. So, in contrast with the direct feeds, I do want to increase the number of mass feeds I subscribe to. One of the reasons is that a lot of the blogs that I am trimming out are part of some mass feed already so I can keep in touch with those that way :-)

Here is my current list of "mass feeds" (let me know if there are others I should know of) in truly random order:

... and my latest addition, the feature-rich: ("an emergent and popular .NET community")