Message Passing Interface (MPI)

Wed, November 11, 2009, 04:01 PM under ParallelComputing | HPC
So you have installed your cluster and you are done with introductory material on Windows HPC. Now you want to develop an application with the most common programming model: Message Passing Interface.

The MPI programming model is a standard with implementations from many vendors. For newbies (like myself!), I have aggregated below links for getting started.

Non-Microsoft MPI resources (useful even if you are not on the Windows platform)
1. Message Passing Interface on wikipedia.

2. The MPI standard.
3. MPICH2 - an MPI implementation.
4. Tutorial on MPI by William Gropp.
5. MPI patterns presented as a tutorial with sample code.

6. THE official MPI Forum (maintains the standard) including the wiki discussing the MPI future.

7. Great MPI tutorial including at the end the MPI Exercise.

8. C++ MPI Exercises by John Burkardt.

9. Book online: MPI The Complete Reference.

10. Windows HPC Server 2008 - Using MS-MPI whitepaper (15 page doc).

11. Tracing MPI applications (27 page doc).

12. Using Microsoft MPI (TechNet section).

13. Windows HPC Server MPI forum (for posting questions).

14. MPI.NET Home Page (not owned by Microsoft).
15. MPI.NET Tutorial.

16. HPC Development using F# using MPI.NET (38 page doc).

Next time I'll post resources for the Microsoft Cluster SOA programming model - happy coding...