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Tue, February 20, 2007, 04:37 AM under dotNET | Orcas | LINQ
In order to really understand LINQ and before moving to LINQ to data/xml/etc, one has to appreciate the features that LINQ builds on and how LINQ to objects works (unless you like to think of it as magic :)).

To that end I suggest you read my blog entries in order:
2. Local Variable Type Inference (and the VB version)
3. Object Initiliasers
4. Anonymous Types
5. Extension Methods
6. Lambda Expressions (and the VB version)
7. Decomposing LINQ (includes Query Expressions)

My 1 hour talk on LINQ is coming to a city near you (if you live in the UK) and my code-littered slides are available to download here (pptx format).

If you want to play with LINQ you need Orcas. You can get the May CTP of last year or the January CTP from this year but to be brutally honest, namespaces/syntax/features have changed so the one you really really want is the Feb/March CTP so I would wait for that one which is just round the corner.

For even more info, see the following links:
- Official LINQ page
- We have some screencasts here and channel9 has some media here.
- Plenty of blogs with LINQ or C#3 or VB9 categories and some of them are here, here, here, here, here and here.
- For more, search.

For all your questions, as usual the msdn forums offer free support so please go there.