Fully booked with UK in-person events over the next 3 weeks

Tue, February 20, 2007, 05:38 AM under Events
If you are a developer in the UK, this is my speaking schedule for the next 3 weeks, and the reason I cannot attend any other matters:
  • Today (20 Feb) I am travelling up to Nottingham to do a talk tomorrow (21 Feb) on LINQ.
  • On Thursday (22 Feb) I travel to Wales to do an academic tech talk on Windows Mobile development the following day (23 Feb).
  • Next week (26 Feb – 1 Mar) I am attending DevWeek in London and presenting there on Vista development (28 Feb).
  • Next Friday (2 Mar) I travel to Glasgow for an event on Monday (5 Mar) again on LINQ.
  • The following day (6 Mar) I travel to Wales for a 2-day internal offsite where I am doing a small piece on Vista.
  • When I return, I travel to Heathrow (8 Mar) for a two day DevFest event where I am delivering both Vista and .NET Compact Framework presentations.
  • The week after, I travel to Harrogate (12 Mar) to do yet another session on LINQ (13 Mar).
  • The following day (14 Mar), I am doing another Windows Mobile tech talk at Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • BTW, all three LINQ sessions above are part of the MSDN roadshow (additionally on 21 Mar in London and 27 Mar & 25 Apr in Reading).

Phew! In short, for the next 22 days I am constantly travelling, talking/demoing or prepping (contrary to some beliefs, these sessions don't just deliver themselves with no prepartion on slides/demo/timings!).