Tue, October 10, 2006, 02:25 PM under Windows | Vista
Whenever I talk about the Vista enhancements in Windows Error Reporting, I am surprised to discover the number of devs that ask me "What is winqual?”

You know how sometimes an application crashes and then you hit that "send" button in the dialog that pops up? Well guess where it sends those reports (which can include your own diagnostics!).

That isn't just "a server that Microsoft uses to diagnose potential system issues". It is a server with data about *your* application, waiting for *you* to examine that data. Simply go register for free on winqual.

If you fix a bug and want to update all those users that have been hitting "send", how do you update them? Yup, winqual again. Trust me; it will make them happy :)

So what are you waiting for, use the Vista enhancements, register with winqual for free, examine the bug reports, and update your users with the solution. Let me hear you repeat after me (am I taking this too far?):
"I am off to"