UK User Groups

Wed, March 28, 2007, 10:14 AM under Events
I love it when I can answer two questions with a single answer (it's all about reuse :-)).

Delegates at our MSDN events sometimes ask about how to find local groups where they can attend technical events, not necessarily organised by Microsoft. Also speakers from other countries often ask me about speaking opportunities when they visit the UK. To both I say, visit the UK User Groups list here. Follow the links to see what type of events each user group usually holds, locations they cover (usually more than one) and get in touch with the UG leader - simple.

If you currently run a user group in the UK and you are not listed on the page above, take action now. If you are listed on the page above and are looking for a Microsoft speaker to come to your event, take action now. In both cases the same action should be taken: email our lovely leader of community leaders, Clare Parr (clarepa at microsoft dot com).

An example of a user group not listed up there yet, is a spanking brand new one holding its first meeting next month: .NET Developer Network.