Threading blah blah

Thu, December 2, 2004, 03:00 PM under Events
Just came back from the local VBUG meeting session, where Benjamin Mitchell presented an introduction to .NET threading. It went down well but, every time I see someone presenting threading topics (and I have seen a few), I always think this stuff is hard to explain to others (it's hard enough knowing how to use it, but teaching it takes the biscuit).

The second thought that crossed my mind (besides that I should finally volunteer to run a session or two at VBUG), was how lucky the desktop guys are with all those resources in the Threading namespace (I cannot use them in my full Fx projects, as virtually all my desktop code runs on the CF as well).

He mentioned in passing how Whidbey makes life easier and that got me thinking: I have blogged about threading topics before but how much easier would it be to explain the usage of BackgroundWorker? I guess that has to be the subject next time.