Sat, December 18, 2004, 02:56 AM under MobileAndEmbedded
If you are a desktop developer, imagine life without Exception.StackTrace. Has it sunk in yet? Good, your imagination has just taken you to what is reality for CF developers today (add to that CF's absence of GEH and you'll realise why it is the *compact* framework).

If you are a CF developer you feel my words no doubt... well feel no longer, because CF 2.0 (available now in a CTP release near you) gets Exception.StackTrace :-D

Before you ask, no the standalone StackTrace class is not available and neither is Environment.StackTrace but you can't win them all right?

As you'd expect, the built-in CF error dialog that comes up when an uncaught exception is thrown, now takes advantage of StackTrace to give us better info as to where the unhandled exception occurred.