Spending my life in Airports and Planes

Tue, April 1, 2008, 02:15 PM under Random
On the day of my last 3 posts, I flew to Seattle (10 hours each way) for a quick 3 night trip. Upon my return to UK, it was only a day of catch up before travelling to my hometown in Thessaloniki (Greece). After a day of rest I took the internal flight to Athens for the Greek 2008 Launch. For anyone that attended my session, the videos I mentioned are here. There was also brief mention of Parallel LINQ on the day, and my related video(s) can be found here. After flying back to Thessaloniki for a day of rest, I fly tomorrow to the UK and then a day later I fly for a 5-day trip to Israel for Tech Ed 2008 (which also includes 2 internal flights between Tel Aviv and Eilat)...phew.

There will be more activity here after that – talk to you then.