Smart Device Programming Chat

Thu, November 11, 2004, 12:58 PM under MobileAndEmbedded
Earlier today the Compact Framework chat of the month took place. For those of you that don't know about them, check out the schedule for online chats and search the archive of previous transcripts here. So these are opportunities to ask MSFTies and/or MVPs questions regarding a particular technology (in this case the CF).

Some times we may get interesting news out of them as well but, as always, nothing communicated in a chat is a commitment (more like "this is what we believe now"). Example: In a previous chat, I was told that the TreeView in CF 2.0 will support the NodeMouseClick event
"Q: Will CF 2.0 support TreeView.NodeMouseClick (since AfterSelect does not fire when selecting an already selected tree node)?
A: Yes, the NodeMouseClick event will be available in CF 2.0."

Today I was told it is not in CF 2.0 "for reasons of ROM size". Oh well, still if we all go and vote for it, I will feel better.

Other interesting points from today's chat:

Service Pack 3 for CF 1.0 will be out within a month (good news for me, as my next IQView release depends on a SP3 bug fix)

There will be no deterministic GC in CF 2.0 - it is on the consideration list for v3
Same goes for Code Access Security (not in CF2 but planned for future release).

It was confirmed that COM Interop in CF 2.0 is limited to managed clients activating unmanaged COM types. Unmanaged COM code can call managed code in terms of events/callbacks only.

That's all I recall. For the full story, keep an eye out for when the transcript becomes available.