Resx compatibility for Smart Device projects

Mon, August 1, 2005, 04:05 PM under MobileAndEmbedded
The punchline is that with VS2005 there is no more incompatibility for resource files (resx) between the compact and full frameworks!

To quote from my post on writing cross-platform code with VS.NET 2003:
"Trying to share the form code would effectively mean not using the designer at all."

This statement is no longer true with VS2005. You can follow the steps for sharing code files (as described in that blog entry) for forms as well. You may still prefer not to share forms between the two platforms but at least it will be technically possible now.

A side effect is that we no longer need cfresgen (as previously mentioned here) and instead we can use resgen (for both platforms).

Another side effect of this improvement is that existing resx files you have that work in your cf v1.0 projects, cannot be added to VS2005 projects. They have to go through the upgrade wizard. So although you have been told that the VS2005 upgrade wizard only affects solution and project files and nothing else, now you know that it also affects resx files; even though the (Beta 2) conversion report does not indicate that!

Overall, good stuff from the VSD team (and in this particular case, Xin Yan).