Our survey says... Mix:UK 07

Wed, July 25, 2007, 08:15 AM under Events
After the huge MIX event held in Las Vegas in May, dozens of great RE-MIX events followed around the world. In almost all of them, the content from the main MIX event was taken and delivered via mostly some local speakers presenting the existing material. You didn't need me to tell you that, the title of those events gives it away: RE-MIX.

Here in the UK we opted for a different approach. We waited (and waited) and found the perfect time to hold our 2-day MIX event: September 11 and 12. The reason we waited is that we wanted to have some fantastic announcements to make in addition to whatever took place in Vegas (and we do have some cool announcements in that timeframe!) and also we wanted to create new original content. That also explains that we are not RE-delivering content and the actual title of our event is Mix:UK

Today we opened registration. Spaces truly are limited (I think we missed a trick there by not finding a larger venue) so, for opportunities such as seeing Scott Guthrie delivering a few sessions, REGISTER NOW.

Also, the NxtGenUG boys would like you to fill in a free quick survey for the 'Swaggily fortunes' game taking place at Mix:UK – attending is not a prerequisite for completing the survey. You may even win a prize just by answering a few questions and remember that the answer to question 6 is Daniel Moth, go fill it in.