Off Topic: 8 random things about me

Thu, July 12, 2007, 05:51 AM under Random
This meme is very similar to the one from last year, but what the heck... Eileen tagged me so here goes:
1. Born in Germany (Rinteln), grew up in Greece (Thessaloniki), live in UK (Hove).
2. Football team I support: Manchester United. Team I supported in Greece: PAOK.
3. Lost my father when I was a baby.
4. As a child I was (very briefly) a boy scout.
5. As a kid I was a massive Bruce Lee fan. When I visited Seattle for the first time, my must see place was Bruce Lee's grave (with Brandon beside him).
6. I trained in Tae Kwon Do (combined with Okinawa) up to red belt. My teacher was the teacher and father of the recent Greek Olympic medallist (Nikolaidis).
7. As a teenager I was a huge The Doors fan. When I went to Paris for the first time, my must see place was Jim Morrison's grave.
8. Last Sunday I saw old head-bangers Metallica at Wembley (ears still buzzing, neck still hurts)... This was in Microsoft's executive box ;-)

I was very tempted to kill this meme here, but instead I'll tag 8 people as mandated (not the same ones as last time) so they can list their own 8 random things about them:
Craig, Eric, Loke Uei, Martin, Mike, Neil, Nick, Steve.