NDA info: Tech Ed leader board

Thu, November 9, 2006, 04:06 PM under Random
Finally, gave my last talk this morning so I can't wait for the speaker party tonight. I may update this post with some Tech Ed links when I catch up with blogs...

We have a speaker-leader board in the speakers lounge, and some people are taking it very seriously. It shows the top 10 speakers at any given time (it updates after every round of sessions), based on attendee feedback.

On Tuesday I was impressed when Mike Hall bragged that he was in the top 10 list but then realised that there were only 9 sessions delivered at that point (since his session was in the first timeslot on the first day)... I tried to find where exactly his session ranked today and I ended up breaking my PgDn key ;-)

I am here in Barcelona until Sunday so normal business will resume next week.