MEDC 2007: Six loaded reasons to attend

Sat, March 31, 2007, 02:18 AM under Events
This year's Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference is promising to be the best ever. Now, anybody that knows the passion I have for this stuff may be thinking "Yeah, you would say that though, wouldn't you?". So don't take my word for it, think about it based purely on facts (in random order):
1. MEDC 2007 is the first major event since the launch of Windows Embedded 6.0 and .NET MicroFramework. Just imagine the content that will be available there on those two products and don't forget XP Embedded!
2. MEDC 2007 has tons of content for Vista on the Mobile PC story (including SideShow) and also on the next web platform from Microsoft: LIVE (you didn't think LIVE was irrelevant to devices did you?!)
3. MEDC2007 is the first developer event since the launch of Windows Mobile 6. While the WM6 SDK is available, for MEDC there will be an update to it and I am hopeful for what will be included from a managed developer's perspective :-)
4. MEDC 2007 is the first time we will get an in-depth look at .NET Compact Framework 3.5 and at Visual Studio for Devices in "Orcas".
5. MEDC 2007 is in the coolest city on the planet: Las Vegas! And if you are not into all the glitch and partying, there is one awesome reason to visit the area. Take an extra day (e.g. Sunday or Friday) and visit the Grand Canyon next door - it is simply breath taking (or Hoover Dam just a short drive away).
6. MEDC 2007 is hosted during the exact same period and at the exact same hotel as MIX 07. Not only you can get a huge discount if you attend both conferences (plus a copy of Vista Ultimate at MIX), but just imagine what happens when a whole bunch of mobile and embedded geeks are collocated with a bunch of web and designer geeks. Only goodness can come out of that :-)

No excuses dudes (and dudettes), just go register first and seek permission later!

I'll be on stage every day at least once, but don't let that put you off :)