I type 50 wpm

Fri, September 14, 2007, 01:04 PM under Random
UPDATE 4: Looks like I am bottom of the league on this one with others hitting 51.9 wpm, 62.8 wpm, 72 wpm, 73.7 wpm, 80.1 wpm, 81.6 wpm, 90 wpm, 90.3 wpm, 96.8 wpm, 97.4 wpm, 99.2 wpm, 118.8 wpm and 125.6 wpm! What are your results?

Tim talks here about Vista speech recognition, and as an aside he links to a site that tests your typing speed. I had 3 minutes to spare so I gave it a go and the results were 50 words per minute. That pales in comparison to Tim's 70 but I knew already that I am not a fast typist (which is why I rely on intellisense, snippets and "clipboard inheritance" in my VS demos). Give it a go and see how you fare...