Give a session on Parallel Programming (or just learn from it)

Thu, February 5, 2009, 02:15 PM under ParallelComputing
Last year gave the same session on Parallel Programming twice: at PDC2008 and Tech Ed EMEA 2008 (identical content). The fact that those sessions ended up on the #3 and #2 spots in the ranking order, speaks to the fact that people are really interested and accepting of this topic. It is also testament that the technology Microsoft is releasing with Visual Studio 2010 is very compelling. So I invite you here to take my content and reuse it in your local regions!

The recordings (and slides) of the two identical sessions are available so you can learn by watching them: links from here and here.

I have also captured the session content on this blog:

1. Briefly introduce the manycore shift and clarify the release vehicle for Parallel Extensions.
2. Run one of the samples that ship with Parallel Extensions to demonstrate the end user benefit (no code shown at this point).
3. Clarify the potential difference between parallelism and multi-threading.
4. DEMOnstrate Fine Grained Parallelism via the Task-based Programming model built on the new ThreadPool.
5. DEMOnstrate Debugging Parallel Applications.
6. DEMOnstrate Structured Parallelism via the static Parallel class, e.g. Imperative Data Parallelism.
7. DEMOnstrate Declarative Data Parallelism: PLINQ.

Many conferences/user groups are interested in technical sessions on Parallel Programming in .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 so use the links above to learn and share.