DirectCompute Lectures

Sun, August 29, 2010, 10:34 PM under GPGPU | ParallelComputing

Previously I shared resources to get you started with DirectCompute, for taking advantage of GPGPUs in an a way that doesn't tie you to a hardware vendor (e.g. nvidia, amd).

I just stumbled upon and had to share a lecture series on channel9 on DirectCompute!

Here are direct links to the episodes that are up there now:

  1. DirectCompute Expert Roundtable Discussion
  2. DirectCompute Lecture Series 101- Introduction to DirectCompute
  3. DirectCompute Lecture Series 110- Memory Patterns
  4. DirectCompute Lecture Series 120- Basics of DirectCompute Application Development
  5. DirectCompute Lecture Series 210- GPU Optimizations and Performance
  6. DirectCompute Lecture Series 230- GPU Accelerated Physics
  7. DirectCompute Lecture Series 250- Integration with the Graphics Pipeline

Having watched these I recommend them all, but if you only want to watch a few, I suggest #2, #3, #4 and #5. Also, you should download the "WMV (High)" so you can see the code clearly and be able to Ctrl+Shift+G for fast playback…

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