DevDays 2007 in Netherlands

Thu, May 17, 2007, 04:48 PM under Events
In June 13-14 a popular international developer event in Amsterdam takes place: DevDays.

I have no idea what the conference site says because it is in Dutch, even though the sessions will be in English. Well, they better expect them to be in English because I am doing 3 sessions there and apart from English the only other language I can speak well is Greek :)

The English abstracts for my sessions are:

Two part session (1 & 2) – Windows Vista for Managed Developers: Besides .NET Framework 3.0/3.5
Windows Vista brings with it a fantastic platform for managed development, namely .NET Framework v3 (i.e. WPF, WCF, WF and CardSpace). However, there are many new native APIs (obviously not part of the .NET Framework) in Windows Vista. In this 2-part talk you will discover how you (a C# or Visual Basic developer using Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio codename "Orcas") can take advantage of this new functionality. This demo-driven session, will teach you how to make your application feel like a real extension to the Windows Vista platform (and not like a ported application that just runs on it). Vista-only features covered include extending glass into your own applications, the new TaskDialog and CommonOpenDialog, Windows Error Reporting enhancements, Restart API, Recovery APIs, Restart Manager, building power-aware apps, writing preview handlers, conforming to User Account Control (UAC), using search from your application, Sidebar gadgets, SideShow plus more.

Session 3 – Realizing the Potential of the Windows Mobile Managed APIs
Successful mobile applications are designed for mobile users. We will take a comprehensive look at the managed APIs of the Windows Mobile platform for richly interacting with core device features such as Outlook Mobile and learn how to create smart applications with the State and Notification broker. Come see how developer tasks previously requiring lengthy C++ are now achieved with two lines of managed code! Through Visual Studio 2005 (or Visual Studio codename "Orcas"), we will demonstrate using the camera to capture pictures and video, the interception and processing of SMS messages, placing phone calls, dealing with system level events, programmatically sending e-mail and SMS messages, and provisioning devices with XML to name but a few! These APIs are not part of the .NET Compact Framework. They apply equally to Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6. I will highlight what is new in WM6 in this area as appropriate.

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