December UK Events

Sun, December 2, 2007, 03:48 AM under Events
Thank you to everyone that came to my September, October and November events. In total from 18 September to 29 November I delivered 21 sessions. December is always the quiet month from an in-person events perspective and especially for me since I'll be taking 1/3 of it off for holiday. That also means that (with January round the corner) I better spend time figuring out what the heck I am going to say/show for my upcoming Windows Server 2008 developer sessions (all ideas welcome!).

So, this is my short (useless) December list:
  • 6th, London, MSDN web event [sorry, this event is full inc. the waitlist]
  • 12th, Southampton, MS VS event [sorry, there is no public registration for this event]
We have just started a new scheme of online chats that you are welcome to join IF you attended one of our MSDN events in the UK this year.
FYI, for UK events (inc. ones that have nothing to do with me) monitor this developerfusion feed.