Customer visits round 2

Tue, March 15, 2005, 04:36 PM under SoftwareProcess
I have returned from another round of customer visits (in the Midlands this time). Lots of positive feedback on IQView and great ideas contributing to our current plans for a new product (can't say much more on that, apart from that it is also on WinCE with CF). In terms of generic shareable takeaways, everything I said last time was re-enforced on this visit too. A couple more:

7. You can learn as much by listening to your client talk about competitive products as you can from when they talk about yours; encourage it!

8. If you are already the UK's market leader, maybe you should try to obtain feedback from other countries [OK, so this is more of a hint to my manager to send me to our customers abroad :-]

Now back to catching up with my spam... later...