Upcoming Orcas events

Sun, May 6, 2007, 12:03 PM under Events
Me and MikeT will be bringing a joint 2.5 hours of "Orcas" goodness to a free MSDN event near you. For details or to register please click on the links below:
24 May at TVP, AM
29 May in Manchester, AM
5 June in Edinburgh, AM
5 June in Edinburgh, PM

...and don't forget another joint session (23 May) we are doing specifically on LINQ that you can register for at the Fest07 homepage (the day also includes sessions from Rafal Lukawiecki).

Finally, how could I ommit yet another repeat of the popular MSDN Roadshow, delivered by the entire team this time in London (11 June) – register for free here.
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