No More Moth

Thu, August 16, 2007, 11:02 AM under Links
For those of you with blogs out there, how many times do you genuinely search for something on the web only to get your blog as the top result? As pleasing as it is to see your blog in the top search results, sometimes it just gets in the way because you know darn well that you do not have the answer on your blog (or else you'd just search that, rather than the whole wide web, right?).

I somehow ended up having a similar conversation over email with one of our interns, Ian MacGillivray, here at Microsoft UK and he found a solution (showing off LIVE's rich customisation) and it looks like he is phishing for a link to his blog now... So, if you want to see how LIVE is superior to Google or how to create your own customised search engine or how to search the web excluding my blog (not recommended!), read the post from Ian MacGillivray aka Bartholomew ;-)
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