Translator by Moth v2

Fri, December 16, 2011, 10:10 PM under MobileAndEmbedded

If you are looking for the full manual for this Windows Phone app you can find it here: "Translator by Moth".

While the manual has no images (just text), in this post I will share images and if you like them, go get "Translator by Moth" from the Windows Phone marketplace.

open the app from the app list or through a pinned tile (including secondary tiles for specific translations)

Translator by Moth appList Translator by Moth tile 

language picker (~40 languages)

Translator by Moth from Translator by Moth to Translator by Moth to Translator by Moth to

"current" page

Translator by Moth current Translator by Moth sip Translator by Moth it Translator by Moth appBarTranslator by Moth CopyPaste

"saved" page

Translator by Moth savedEmpty Translator by Moth saved Translator by Moth saved_CM

"about" page

Translator by Moth about

Like? Go get Translator by Moth!

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