FxCop rule for red bits

Wed, October 3, 2007, 04:43 AM under Orcas | VisualStudio
In my sessions I always explain the red and green bits story and then focus on describing the enhancements in the green bits – after all that is what people want to hear when attending a session on .NET Framework v3.5. I also make it clear that if you upgrade your projects to VS2008, you can leverage multitargeting to continue to target Fx v2.0.

Take those statements and combine them with my blog posts on the red bits (e.g. start here with this one). It should quickly become obvious that there are few little obscure additions at the public API surface level of v2.0 that, if you do take advantage when targeting v2.0 from VS2008, will result in your code crashing when deployed to a machine that only has v2.0 without the updates. That was a long sentence so feel free to re-read it ;).

The way Krzysztof describes it:
"But now I have to confess, there are some limitations in this design that we accepted when we made the original simplifying assumption. There is a very limited number of APIs being added to the Red assemblies and the multi-targeting system is currently not able to detect these."
To download his FxCop rule that addresses the deficiency in the VS 2008 multitargeting system for this niche scenario, visit his blog post. Note that even if you do not have VS2008, you can still download his Test.csproj and try to build to see the compiler errors in VS2005 on types/methods that do not exist. Go.

By the way, on a not so unrelated note, I found an interesting post which explains why previous versions of Visual Studio only targeted one framework version. Thought I'd share.
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