More NETCF 3.5 Additions

Wed, February 14, 2007, 04:56 AM under MobileAndEmbedded
All the API additions I listed in my previous .NET Compact Framework 3.5 post, are namespaces/types/members that were already present in the full dotnet Framework v2.0 and are now also part of the NETCF 3.5

Here I will list a couple of additions that are brand new:

* When querying the Platform property of the static OSVersion property of the System.Environment class, we get back the PlatformID enumeration. NETCF 2.0 had a smaller list than the full framework and now with 3.5 not only it catches up by adding the Unix value but it even goes further by adding a brand new value: Xbox (not a surprise if you read this).
If you ask me, the full framework team should also add this enumeration value for code compatibility.

The other addition is entirely specific to device development and hence lives under the Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms assembly. The SystemSettings class gets a new property (to make a grand total of 2!) named WinCEPlatform that returns the homonymous enumeration which has 3 values: WinCEGeneric, PocketPC and Smartphone
(I guess we’ll have to learn to map those last two to WM6 professional and standard :-p)

Next I'll list the real headlines of NETCF v3.5
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