Web development for Mobile

Fri, July 13, 2007, 09:06 AM under MobileAndEmbedded
Occasionally I get people asking me about developing web apps that are accessible from Windows Mobile. Every time I explain how with something as powerful as the .NET Compact Framework, they should be writing smart clients on the device that can also work in offline mode, cache data and offer a richer user experience. These apps can then access their server as needed either via web services or via some kind of SQL synchronization mechanism if that is what they are using on their backend. Some people insist though on offering a suboptimal solution to their customers so what answer do we have for those? Head over to Thom's blog to explore Mobile Web Development with ASP.NET.

A related question I hear is "what capabilities does Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE) offer?". Well, it is not called that anymore, it is IE Mobile and there is a homonymous blog. Visit their blog for tons of useful info, including the standards support in IE Mobile.

Finally, one of the co-authors of my book wrote in the distant past a book on mobile web dev that you may be interested in.

PS: Might as well link to my answer for the often asked question about Silverlight for Mobile.
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