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Sun, May 13, 2012, 01:36 PM under Events | GPGPU | ParallelComputing

The last GTC conference in the US was 2 years ago and I was there as an attendee. You may recall from that blog post that we were running UX studies at the time.

It really feels great 2 years later, to be back at GTC presenting two sessions on C++ AMP, demonstrating our progress that includes input from those early studies.

If you are attending GTC (in person or virtually later), be sure to watch my two-part session. Part 1 is S0242 on Wednesday 5pm and part 2 is S0244 on Thursday 10am. Here is the shared abstract for both parts:

Harnessing GPU Compute with C++ AMP

C++ AMP is an open specification for taking advantage of accelerators like the GPU. In this session we will explore the C++ AMP implementation in Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Beta. After a quick overview of the technology understanding its goals and its differentiation compared with other approaches, we will dive into the programming model and its modern C++ API. This is a code heavy, interactive, two-part session, where every part of the library will be explained. Demos will include showing off the richest parallel and GPU debugging story on the market, in the upcoming Visual Studio release.

See you there!

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