Out of Continent

Sun, October 15, 2006, 12:45 AM under Personal
Well, the time has come for another vacation (and our 2nd honeymoon in fact, since it is still within the period that the travel agents accept it as such!). We are taking our first ever trip to Egypt to visit the pyramids in Cairo, cruise down the Nile (Luxor, Aswan etc), visit Abu Simbel and dive the Red Sea...

I’ve been looking forward to this break, given the workload of September/October (you can work out from my blog how many events I have done!). Plus, when I return I am off to Tech Ed Europe and, boy, will that be tiring (more on my Tech Ed sessions soon)...

I will be back from our holiday on 1st November so until that Wednesday... other than my nuggets... let there be silence on this domain :-D

PS For any work related queries, try one of my colleagues.
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