see you at MGX and TechReady

Fri, July 14, 2006, 04:31 PM under Events
...if you are a Microsoft employee that is...

MGX is Microsoft's global sales conference and TechReady is the internal technical conference (think TechEd for MSFT personnel only).

I am thrilled to be attending TechReady3 in Seattle and also looking forward to catching up with people in Redmond that I know from my MVP days and others that I have only met virtually since joining here.

I cannot put my hand on heart and say that I am "super-excited" to be going to MGX (and probably won't ever go again) but everybody has to do it once… apparently. Having said that, MGX is in Orlando and I haven't been there before so that's cool. If I am lucky I will do some SCUBA diving and maybe go say hello to mickey mouse (no I am not talking about any current or ex-colleagues :-p).

Not sure if I'll blog or check email that often from the States so wish me a nice holiday business trip.

Flying out in a few hours and will be back in August :-)
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