MEDC wrap-up

Sun, May 14, 2006, 04:59 AM under Events
So it seems after registration I didn't get a chance to blog as much as I was hoping for! That is testament to how busy the conference kept us...

I attended a whole bunch of sessions but the most interesting ones where the private MVP events (with VSD/NETCF/SQL Everywhere/WinCE teams); this was my last chance to (pretend to) be an MVP since I had arranged my attendance/speaking at the conference wey way before joining Microsoft UK. Hanging out in the MVP Cabana and Speaker Cabana was an excellent way to network with other influencers on our most excellent platform(s).

Some of the public sessions that attracted me where not your traditional MEDC sessions and included: Developing for UMPC, SideShow and NETMF. I suspect I'll be blogging more about those areas in the future...

Oh, my talk was very well received which is always nice... If you are attending Tech Ed in Boston or Tech Ed India, you will have a chance to see my 30 slides and (40 minutes worth of) demos... It won't be delivered by me (due to logistics), and I take it as a compliment that the session I created has been chosen for replay at the largest Microsoft conference :-) If you were at MEDC and didn't get a chance to get the slides, ping me and I'll make them available to you.
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